January 2018 Sale Schedule

November 3rd Determine Maximum Loan Rates
November 10th All Applications Due
November 10th Notify Bond Counsels of Identity of Governmental Units and Amount and Purposes of Municipal Bonds
November 17th All Legal Information from Participants Due to Their Bond Counsel
November 21st Bond Bank Board Reviews Applications and Mails Loan Agreements to Bond Counsels
November 27th Bond Counsels Mail Loan Agreements to Governmental Units and Clear Debt Schedules with the Bond Bank
December 1st Bond Counsels Send Preliminary Opinions to Ratings Agencies and the Bond Bank
December 4th - 8th Calls with Ratings Agencies
December 14th Deadline for Meeting of the Participants Governing Board for the Certificate of Vote Regarding Authorization of Bonds and Approval of Loan Agreements with the NH Municipal Bond Bank
December 15th Loan Agreements Returned to Bond Bank
January 3-10 Preliminary Official Statements Mailed
January 10-17 Sale
January 12th Bond Counsels Mail Bonds to Governmental Units
January 23rd Participants Return Bonds to Bond Counsel
January 25th Bond Counsels Mail Bonds to Locke Lord, LLC
February 13th - 14th Pre-Closing and Closing – Bond Proceeds Wired to Participants on February 14th
February 7th Date of NHMBB Bonds and Interest Start Date
August 15, 2018 First Interest Payment
February 15, 2019 First Principal and Second Interest Payment
*Red Indicates Holiday

*Green Indicates FOMC Meeting